As the summer approaches, I’m sure we are all awaiting a glorious summer, even here in Stocksbridge. Sitting out in the garden, enjoying good company and the odd beverage of choice. We’ve found that as the sun sets, there is often a chill in the air which tends to drive people back indoors – or – requires them to put their “big coat” on. So we have found some brilliant DIY firepit ideas that will not only add a great feature to your garden, but give you the heat to keep you enjoying the outdoors a little longer

Simple Brick Firepit

What You Will Need

  • Around 40 bricks
  • Spade
  • Spray Paint (or marker chalk)
  • Landscaping Stone

You can use new or recylcled bricks for this project, whichever takes your fancy

The Layout

Layout of the bricks for the firepit

Layout your bricks for the firepit design

Lay your bricks out in the pattern that you want. A nice circle pattern is simple and yet pleasing to the eye when finished.

Mark the Diameter

Use the spray paint to trace the edge. As we are going to dig it away anyway there won’t be any trace of it afterwards. You can also use marker chalk or another “marker if you want to be a bit more environmental.

mark the diameter of the firepit

Mark the firepit diameter with the spray paint

You should now have a nice trace to go by for the diameter of your fire pit.

firepit all marked up

All marked up and ready to dig the hole

The Fun Part DIG!!

This is where the work comes in! The depth depend of the firepit depends on the pattern and/or configuration of the bricks in your fire pit. A good marker is around 14″, but dig a little and place a brick in to be sure.

Dig the hole for the fireppit

Digging the hole

Place your bricks & fill with landscape stone

Simply place your brick back into the style you started with, and fill any gaps with whatever landscaping stone you choose. The stone will help keep your walls and floor in place.

Place the bricks and landscaping stone to create your fire pit

Place the bricks and landscaping stone

So there you have it, a simple DIY fire pit that doesn’t cost the earth.

Original Idea and Photos by Tuff-Guard

Tractor Wheel Fire Pit

What You Will Need

  • Tractor Tyre Rim
  • Spade
  • Wall Blocks
  • Landscaping Stone
  • Sand
  • Cement (optional)

The Preparation

The only thing that may need some preparation is the tractor tire rim, depending on the style of rim. It may need the centre removing or cutting out. Try to get a tyre rim that has a deep setting, this means less work for you. Your local farmer or scrap metal merchant is a great place to go to, they will probably have a few different styles for you to choose from.

Mark the Diameter

Use the spray paint to trace the edge of the tyre rim. Then mark a circle around that, that is around 1 1/2 times the depth of your wall bricks. This will allow you to back fill the area between the tyre rim and bricks. Then, if you want, you can add a further circle around for a gravel border to your firepit – this is optional, but finishes off the project better in our opinion.

Mark the area for the firepit

Mark the area for the fire pit

Once the firepit has been marked out, take the top layer of grass out, you should end up with a depth of an inch or so. Make sure the ground is as level as possible, when we are building up the wall around the tyre rim, we want to have as flat a surface as possible.

Firepit area dug out and wall building taking place

Area dug out, now the wall building can start

Building and securing the Fire Pit wall

Lay the first layer of your wall around the rim, around a few inches back. If you are using wide bricks/stone, then you may not require the use of cement. For bricks or stone that isn’t that wide, or if you want a permanent and finished fire pit – then we would advise cement to fix the bricks in position. Use a cement that is suitable for higher temperatures though, otherwise it will crack and look a mess.

Building the firepit walls, one layer at a time

Building the firepit walls, one layer at a time

As we get to the 2nd level of bricks, you can add gravel and/or sand to back fill. This will help keep the bricks cooler, so we don’e end up with bricks that will burn you and possibly crack when heated up.

The finished firepit

Build the brick wall up so it is at least level, or slightly above the tyre rim. Back fill to the top of the rim. From here, you can add landscaping gravel around the outer wall for decoration – this is optional, but if you are going to have a garden feature, you might as well put the finishing touches to it.

All that is left to do now is add seating around the firepit and enjoy those summer evenings

The finished fire pit on a summers evening

Enjoy your tractor tyre fire pit this summer

Original Idea and Photos by Handi Mania

Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

The washing machine drum firepit is a very easy project and the design of the washing machine drum is perfect for a fire. Its small holes around the drum not only allow for oxygen flow to the fire but also make for a pretty light show.

What You Will Need

  • Recycled Washing Machine Drum
  • Angle grinder (optional)
  • Cup wire brush, Cut-off wheel, and Flap-wheel sanding disc (for grinder, also optional)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Angle-stock and Flat-stock steel (optional)
  • High heat black paint (optional)

The Preparation

The main part of this fire pit is the washing machine drum. Generally you will have to extract it from the body of the washing machine – although we have seen a few pre-prepared ones on eBay for around £30. We found however, that it is far more satisfying doing the project yourself – so, that being the case, there are a few bits you need to do first.

Strip the drum

Strip the drum from the washing machine case. A screwdriver should easily remove the screws from the back and then there will be a few retaining bolts to remove, which will free the drum. Remove all plastic bits, including plastic rim and plastic base. Clean off any gunk that has been left from the years of washing clothes (there will be some, trust us).

Remove all plastic bits including plastic rim and plastic base

Remove all plastic bits including plastic rim (right) and plastic base

Remove center spindle. This is optional.

Remove center spindle

Remove center spindle. This is optional.

Cut off metal lip. Again, this is optional but makes the top look a little more clean. Detail of removing the top lip. It’s pretty rough when you take it off but then you can grind it down with the flapper-wheel.



Smooth out the top lip, any metal burrs, or jagged edges.

Smooth burrs, or jagged edges.

Smooth out the top lip, any metal burrs, or jagged edges.

The wire brush made quick work of removing years of soap scum.

Remove soap scum with wire brush

The wire brush made quick work of removing years of soap scum.

You can fabricate some steel legs and weld them to the base so it was off the ground just a bit. This is also optional. Those little square tabs were added so it doesn’t sink in the ground.

Welded feet for the firepit

Optional welded feet

The finished washing machine drum firepit

All that is left to do now is to spray paint the washing machine drum in the colour of your choice. Don’t forget to use a spray paint that is suitable for high temperatures. The spraying is optional, depending on the condition of the drum, depends on whether it needs it.

Now you can enjoy a lovely fire pit, that gives you some wonderful fire effects through the holes in the drum.

Fire pit all painted and ready to burn some wood

Fire pit all painted and ready to burn some wood

Original Idea and Photos by House & Fig