Fireworks For Sale In Stocksbridge at Valley DIY

Bonfire Night is just around the corner, and Valley DIY have a range of fireworks to get any Bonfire party off to a bang.

5 Shot Fireball


These fun little candles produce a rapid succession of 5 shots sending red and green stars towards the heavens! No bangs.

Platinum Selection Box

Platinum Selection Box

Simply the best selection box for those wanting to put on a truly exceptional show. Packed full of cakes, candles and rockets.

Galactic Rockets

galactic rockets

Like watching the birth of a star, these galactic rockets will explode in the air with varied effects!



Create your own Earthquake in Stocksbridge with this 5 pack of explosive fun!

Mammoth Sparklers

Mammoth Sparklers

Electrify your celebration with these larger sparklers, burning longer and brighter!

Giant 25 Shot Barrage


Effects: red and green peony, red and green light crackling and golden willow.

Gold Selection Box


If you want that bit more, go for Gold!  This compilation offers a terrific mix for a brilliant fireworks party.  Containing barrages, candles, rockets and fountains that will not disappoint!

16 Shot Barrage


Don’t let this little cake fool you with its size, it packs a great punch and will blast 16 shots of coloured effects including peony, brocade crown, crackling and coconuts.

Super Heros Box

Super Heroes Selection Box

Make an impact with the mighty Super Heroes selection box! Equipped with a range of barrages, fountains and rockets this fireworks box will fill the sky at an affordable price.

Atom Bomb Rocket


The Atom Bomb explodes with such fury it’s visible from outer space! Contains 2 different effects: king golden wave & strobe, blue & brocade crown. Also made using flash powder, the Atom Bomb will detonate louder and brighter than any rocket!

Solar Rockets

Solar Rockets

A sky scorching collection of 15 rockets that will launch in to the solar system climaxing with jaw dropping reports and effects. These fireworks contain an amazing range of colours and effects, and the rockets are out of this world!

Mega Scud Rocket

Mega Scud Rocket

Launch the Mega Scud into the stratosphere and watch in fascination as it creates an amazing spectacle in the night sky! Contains 4 different effects: red coconut crackling, red & crackling willow, red green chrysanthemum, blue & brocade crown. Containing flash powder these effects are something else!

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