Plumbing Materials

With an comprehensive range of plumbing materials and plumbing tools, covering every aspect of a property’s plumbing requirements, there is no need to shop elsewhere in Stocksbridge.

We have a real understanding of which plumbing products are best suited to specific plumbing jobs and are ideally suited to advise you about your plumbing project in Stocksbridge.

We supply a range of steel, brass and copper tube and fittings, plumbing plastics, water pipe and fittings, cistern fittings to radiator keys. This is just a selection of the plumbing materials we supply, so if you don’t see something you need, just get in touch to see if we have it in stock.

Products We Offer

Our range of Compression fittings will have you sorted for your plumbing project. Whether you need hose connectors,pipe connectors, brass fittings or copper tubing, we will have you sorted in no time.
No plumbers merchant would be without a range of Speedfit fittings. The easy to use, plastic push-fit system is suitable for the plumbing of hot and cold water services and heating applications.
Our Waste Pipe selection of fittings, includes Solvent Weld Waste, Overflow Waste system, Compression waste, Push Fit Waste and Traps. Everything you need for your Waste System job in Stocksbridge.
What can we say, it’s silver, comes on a reel, most plumbers need it and we stock it.
We have a range of toilet seat fittings and toilet waste fittings for your toilet installation or repair.
From inhibitors to cleaners and noise reducing concentrates, scale and leak sealer, we supply the plumbers of Stocksbridge with quality plumbing parts and cleaners.
Valley DIY can supply you with a range Ventilation equipment for your Bathroom and Building Projects. Adjustable vents, bathroom fans (standard and timed), Exterior vents – just a selection of the bathroom and building ventilation equipment that we can supply to you.
Pretty much every plumbing project will require tiles, which is why we supply the local Stocksbridge Plumbers & DIY enthusiast with their tiling supplies. Tile adhesive, grout, spacers, tile saws, tile drills and spreaders – pretty much everything you need for tiling, which is why we supply a great range for you.

Plumbing Materials Speedfit Fittings


Valley DIY supply the Speedfit fittings range, with every size you could need.

Plumbers Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings

A range of copper, brass and steel pipe fittings for every plumbers job.

Range of plumbers silicons

Plumbers Silicons

Wide range of Plumbers Silicons available for every plumbing job and plumbing repair.

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